Six Flags Magic Mountain

by admin on May 7, 2011

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The Six Flags Magic Mountain is awesome theme park located in Valencia, California. S ix Flags is the most famous theme park in the world known as a paradise of game that has so many entertainment includes insane roller coasters! The park is also equipped with more than 100 rides, attractions, games and it’s a nice idea if you want to go on vacation with your family or your beloved one.

On March 16, Six Flags Magic Mountain, in partnership with Warner Bros launched the next generation of thrills with the debut of their new travel experience, Superman: Escape from Krypton. Unlike the traditional coaster, Superman: Krypton riders Escape from the blast at 100 mph back in a new sleeker cars that are designed on top of a double line that stretched 900 feet and loom 415 feet in the air, forming a giant “L” shaped building that was painted a vibrant blue and red with yellow songs, and marked a giant screen Superman “S” at the top could be seen miles away. First flight as you fly on independently rotating the vehicle 360 degrees on a vertical zig-zag, the only of its kind in the United States and for applicants younger thrills, it is the new Road Runner Express. Dare to challenge the unknown dimension of Six Flags Magic Mountain epic excitement.

Six Flags Magic Mountain park has several world class roller coasters rides, the X2, the world’s only 5: E-dimensional coaster,  Goliath the giant coasters, Tatsu fastest and longest Flying Coaster, Batman Rides, Boomerang coaster, Scream, mountains of Southern California in the first downstairs, Déjà Vu,  Revenge and The Riddle and much more. This park also known as the world of Bugs Bunny which contains many interesting attractions and rides that offer a delight for children and adults designed for kids and teenager, Bugs Bunny world is the legendary cartoon TV series like Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Yosemite Sam, Livorno Gallo  and Bugs Bunny it self.  There are many more types of entertainment on Six Flags!

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